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Mezőhegyesi Fémipari KFT.

Europe - Hungary

5820 Mezőhegyes, Battonyai út 2.



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TEL/FAX: 00 36 68 467 319

The history of our company has started in 1966. The Legal predecessor was society. After the transformation in 1997. the present Ltd. was established by 41 owners with 39,1 million HUF capital. Some of the owners are employees as well.

EN ISO 9002 quality management was introduced on the 25th of november in 1996. Than ISO 9001-2000 quality management was introduced on the 7th of november in 2002. for producing and distributing our flexble product.

Work circuits :

Flexible hoses for gas, water, oil, air connecting

Manufacturing flexible metal hoses for vehicle exhaust pipe system, and for transporting different kind of grain materials, or for electric wire protection.

Hired work - weaving

Flexible axel and covering

Lampe holder arms

Special metal hose from stainless steal

Fanning mill - seed cleaner

Pipe support

Mechanic industry services

These products are manufactured with the certainty of high quality by considering the laws and demands of market economy. Our products passed through examinations of the authorities to increase the satisfaction of our customers. Our collagues are trained continuously, we efficiently economise on resources in the interest of the customers' expectations.

We have been trying to be suitable for the requirements of Europian Union. We got the CE qualification for the 'GT' and 'GTM' types of gas hoses.

We offer our products all of you for distribution and additional useing. For more details please contact one of our managers.