This product has been manufactured by Metallurgical Limited Company of Mez§hegyes, tested and qualified to be exellent by the Hungarian Automotive Research and Development Company.
Certifying identification mark and distribution licence No.
- hoses without metal woven fabric : H 4-05-07
- hoses with protective metal wovoen fabric : H 4-05-06

Air break hoses with pressed socked couplings are used as flexible connecting hoses in the break system of vehicles equipped with air break where the ports to be connected can move from each other .

The hose is designed according to the requirements of DIN 74310. The threaded couplings mounted are on the hose ends by squeezing the sockets on them .

Working principle:
Due to their flexibility the hoses connect compressed air to the fixed break tube system on the botton of the vehicle, to break cylinders , break chambers on the moving shafts and to the trailer .

Technical data :
Operating pressure : max .: 10 bar.
Application temperatures of -40 Celsius and +80 Celsius .

Assembling instructions:
The threads of the hose must be cleaned and slightly oiled . After assembling it nas to be checked for leaks . There shall be no strain , or friction . The hose does not need any special maintenance .