At designing this machine our purpose was to develop a small volume seed cleaning machine for small agricultural producers and farming units which is the most suitable by it is build-up , nature , sizes and capacity .

The machine is a fanning mill , which is able to operate independently as seed cleaner machine or in a seed cleaning machine line as a primary cleaner unit.

The machine , by it is construction and buid-up , suitable for manual operation at the field of production but it is equipped with an independent electric power source , which can be connected to any single phase household outlets .

The included set of grader screens and the dimensions described in the manual support a wide variety of applications in cleaning almost all kind of seeds in small farming units . It is design makes possible to extend further the set of grader screen .

The equipement does not need any special maintenance and care , it is sufficient to keep the instructions given in the manual .

Setting different type of seeds , changing screen , adjusting the air volume is simple and fast without the need of any special skills . For all of these the included setting table gives adequate help .

The machine by it is dimension and weight can be carried relatively easily and needs small storage place .

The machine is suitable for commercial , edible grade cleanning and can be used for producing sowing seed quality too . The cleaning process can by one , two or several more runs , according to the required result . The set of grading screens makes possible to sort by size fractions .

The low build-up of the seed container makes manual loading easy .

Technical data :

Type: SZ-300

Machine capacity :

0 ,1 0,5 t/h

Motor power :

500 W

Motor speed :

1370 rpm

Currect demand :

230V/ 50Hz / 4,2A

Drive ratio :


Max . width :


Max . length :

1800 mm

Max . height :

1300 mm

Feed pit volume :

50 litres

Owerall weight :

150 kg