This superflexible family of water connecting hoses has been developed by Metallurgical Limited of Mezőhegyes, and it's been continuously certified by ÉMI-TÜV BAYERN Quality and Security Ltd .
Certification No .: A 25/95

Field of application:
Flexible connections between fixed hot or cold water lines and water fixtures ( water heaters , faucets …) with no strain or tension .

Structure of hose:
For waters colder than 90Celsius EPDM-70 drinking water quality rubber hose containing no toxic materials covered with stainless metal woven fabric .

Identification tape:
Synthetic fabric material , two parallel red stripes and a parallel blue .

Critical aspect at the connection:

  • Do not subject it to twisting/pulling strain
  • No load shall be applied except its own weight
  • Minimal bending radius: 4 dia
  • In case of type II begin assembling with the threaded side
  • At fitting avoid from any strains incurred because of a wrong selection of hose length